About me

Sandeep Polisetty
My name is Sandeep Polisetty. I am a second year computer science MS/PhD student at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst actively seeking internships for summer 2020. I am broadly interested in the systems aspects of data mining and am advised by Prof. Marco Serafini. More specifically I am interested in classical systems problems such scalability, novel hardware( GPU), efficient storage and retrieval faced by data mining applications such as graph mining, knowledge graph, stream processing and machine learning. My current research is on Subgraph Enumeration where we have achieved a 2-4x speed up over the state of the art by minimizing branch mispredictions. I love reading code of large systems and have built components to hook into large codebases during my previous internship at amazon web services. I look forward to applying some of the research principles I have learnt while learning the of building software at scale such as scrum etc..

My resume can be found over here: Link

Apart from computer science, I am very serious about bodybuilding. I can squat 250 pounds and bench 225 pounds. For some wierd reason, I get better at my job because of gym( A synergy I do not want to disturb) I also love water sports (surfing, kayaking, scuba diving(Certified to max recreational depth)), skiing, running, cooking and playing guitar.

Contact me: at sandeep06011991@gmail.com